D‘Naturparken zu Lëtzebuerg – (een) Insekteräich

Many scientific studies are reporting on the dramatic decline in species diversity. Insects are particularly affected. To counteract the decline in insect numbers, the Natur- & Geopark Mëllerdall and the Our and Upper Sûre Nature Parks have launched a joint insect conservation project. The project is wholly funded from Ministry of the Environment’s environmental conservation […]

Reptilien zu Lëtzebuerg

For the International day for Biological Diversity (22.5.21), the Biological Station SIAS has launched the project “Reptilen zu Lëtzebuerg“. The aim of this project is to collect data on the native reptile species of Luxembourg. Anyone can participate via the app iNaturalist. In the flyer below you can find more info about the process. And […]

Environmentally friendly alternatives to gravel gardens

A campaign of the Mouvement Ecologique  Gravel gardens have been booming in recent years. Very often, these supposedly cheap and easy-care stone deserts become a burden after a short time: the stones get colonised by algae, in the summer it becomes unbearably hot, “weeds” settle down and the easiest solution often is the use of pesticides. It doesn’t have to […]

Insect hotel

An insect hotel creates “living space” for endangered insects.  Wild bees, for example, can spend the winter in the various cavities or use them as nesting aids for their offspring.  The “hotel guests” are harmless, so there is no danger in the vicinity of the nesting aid. In addition to wild bees, beetles, flies, ants […]