The region stands out not only with its imposing rocks and gorges, but also with the traditional orchard meadows (bongerten) and their hundreds of fruit varieties, large forests, unique fern and moss flora, natural forest reserves and a land area of 42 % Natura2000 areas. In addition, one finds here the remains of the “oldest Luxembourgers”. The oldest town in Luxembourg, the intangible world cultural heritage “the hopping procession of Echternach”, the castles and palaces of Beaufort and Larochette, Echternach Abbey with its illuminated books, and relics of early industries such as the iron and textile industry, can be found here. Last but not least, this historic tourism region can be explored on award-winning hiking trails, some of which date from the 19th century.
Here, you may discover selected examples of our natural and cultural heritage!

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