Nature Park Safari 2021

3 Nature parks – 2 Months – 1.000 Species

Help us find more than 1,000 species in Luxembourg’s 3 nature parks in 2 months.

You too can support the citizen science project of Luxembourg’s three nature parks. Get to know and better understand your natural environment and contribute to science at the same time. As a citizen scientist, collect, create and share useful data and help scientists better understand when and where creatures occur.

Every observation, from the rarest insect to the most common wild weed, can contribute to biodiversity research. With the help of iNaturalist, a global online social network based on crowdsourcing observations and determinations, you share your observations with naturalists, citizen scientists as well as biologists and contribute to the collection of important data.

All you need to do is observe. iNaturalist can be accessed via its website ( or via its mobile apps (iOS/Android).

Thank you for your assistance. The status of the Challenge can be viewed at any time in the iNaturalist project “NATURE PARK SAFARI Luxembourg 2021″.