Environmentally friendly alternatives to gravel gardens

campaign of the Mouvement Ecologique 

Gravel gardens have been booming in recent years. Very often, these supposedly cheap and easy-care stone deserts become a burden after a short time: the stones get colonised by algae, in the summer it becomes unbearably hot, “weeds” settle down and the easiest solution often is the use of pesticides. It doesn’t have to be this way! The Mouvement Ecologique has compiled some great alternatives to the gravel garden and explains very clearly on its website how you can redesign your front yard in an environmentally friendly manner and with little effort. Here you can also find out how to redesign your existing gravel garden into a more natural front garden. There is also a list of insect-friendly, native plants. Various hands-on activities motivate you to become active and help our insects. The website is available in German and French.

If you also want a more natural (front) garden, but don’t know how to do it, don’t hesitate to contact the nature protection department of the Natur- & Geopark Mëllerdall!