Insect hotel

Nesting aids for insects

An insect hotel creates “living space” for endangered insects.  Wild bees, for example, can spend the winter in the various cavities or use them as nesting aids for their offspring.  The “hotel guests” are harmless, so there is no danger in the vicinity of the nesting aid. In addition to wild bees, beetles, flies, ants and other insects also live in the insect hotel.

The buzzing has stopped in many regions. Endangered species include, for example, wild bees and bumble-bees. With the loss of biodiversity, pollination of useful and ornamental plants is in danger. Insects are not only plant pollinators and pest exterminators. We can help our insects by building an insect hotel, not using pesticides and planting flower meadows.

Many natural materials can be used as nesting aids:  hollow plant stems, filled airbricks, snail shells, wood-wool, conifer cones, drilled pieces of wood, small bamboo canes and straw.  The materials must be untreated. Wild bees can lay their eggs in the cavities. They close off the small tubes with a secretion so that the larvae can grow protected. Loose materials such as conifer cones can be used as shelter by lace-winged flies all year round.