Furniture made of local wood

The Natur- & Geopark Mëllerdall has realised a furniture line made of local pine wood in cooperation with the ANF, the company Holzbau Neuman, the company Holz Theis and the joinery Knaf-Buchler.

The realisation of the furniture line is intended to promote awareness of the regional resource wood and thus contribute to raising awareness of the need to pay more attention to the origin of wood when buying furniture.

All the wood used for the construction of the furniture line came from the Beaufort community forest.

After the logs had been felled by district forester Marc Hoffmann and his forest workers, the wood was taken to the company Holzbau Neuman in Heffingen, where the logs were sawn. After pre-drying in Consdorf and Berdorf, the wood was transported to the Holz Theis company in Rodershausen. The Holz Theis company then technically dried the wood so that it could be used as furniture wood.
In the end, a conference table, a shelf, benches, a wall panel, a wall chest of drawers and a bed were made in the Knaf-Buchler joinery.

The entire furniture line can be viewed in a separate showroom in Beaufort on request by calling +352 83 60 26.

The entire journey of the wood from the trunk to the finished furniture was also captured on video:

LEADER Regioun Mëllerdall