Zero Emission Nature Protection Areas

As of November 1, 2016, the “LIFE-IP ZENAPA – Zero Emission Nature Protection Areas” project was approved as part of the EU funding programme for environmental, nature conservation and climate action, “LIFE”. The applicant and project manager is the Institute for Applied Material Flow Management (IfaS), under the supervision of Prof. Dr. med. Peter Heck.  The IfaS is an institute of the University of Trier on the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld.

The aim of the LIFE-IP ZENAPA project is CO2e neutrality for large-scale conservation areas.  National parks, biosphere reserves and nature parks are grouped together in this project. The IfaS will pursue this goal during the eight-year project period together with 15 partners from Germany and Luxembourg.

On the one hand, LIFE-IP ZENAPA will make a contribution to climate protection, nature and species conservation – by taking practical, climate-relieving measures – while, on the other, it will prove that protection goals are not contradictory but complementary and can be achieved through cooperation. The main requirement and aim is the implementation of the national and Europe-wide climate protection objectives (CAP 2020 and CPP 2050), taking into account national and European biodiversity and bio-economy strategies.

An information and expertise network – for the exchange of experience and mutual learning – should emerge from the project. Another aim is to create cooperation arrangements among the partners in order to jointly develop and implement project ideas. To further consolidate the project, imitation effects are to be triggered in regions outside the scope of the project by means of high-profile reporting and information provision, so as to be able to make a further contribution to achieving the climate protection goals of the EU and the federal government, even after the end of the project.

To implement the project, a total budget of approx. EUR 17 million is available over the 8 years of its duration, about EUR 8 million of which will be provided from funds of the European Union’s LIFE programme. The remainder of the sum will be covered by the project management and the participating partners and be raised by co-financing donors (Berlin Senate, KSB AG, OIE AG and the Rhineland-Palatinate Nature and Environment Foundation).

In addition to the basic measures that are being implemented under the project, LIFE-IP ZENAPA also plans to initiate further projects along the lines of the project objectives that have been set. Funding possibilities amounting to several hundred million have already been announced for these “complementary projects”.

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