Natura 2000 verbindet

Enhancement of the landscape through structural elements
Parent project: Natura 2000

Trees, hedges or larger elements such as orchards (lux.: “Bongerten”), which structure and enrich our landscape, have become rare. However, these elements are essential for biodiversity. They are habitats for numerous animal and plant species and they also connect different habitats with each other.

However, a richly structured open landscape has not only positive effects on biodiversity, but also on people. The various elements significantly increase the attractiveness of the landscape. In addition, they contribute to water protection and help to reduce erosion.

To counteract the devastating loss of biodiversity, the project “Natura 2000 verbindet” was initiated. The aim of the project is to preserve native animal and plant species and their habitats for future generations. All measures of the project originate from the management plans of the Natura 2000 sites in the region of Mëllerdall.

Campaigns will be conducted to raise awareness of the importance of these elements. Continuing education offers, such as courses on the pruning of fruit trees or an arborist training (certified course), complement the project. A free platform will be build up to link supply and demand, so that fruits are used more again. All measures of the project contribute to the long-term preservation of our valuable cultural landscape with the orchards which are so important for the region of Mëllerdall. 

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