Transnational LEADER project “Green Economy – multiple use of forest”

The transnational cooperation project “Green economy – multiple use of forest” (duration 2 years) was launched in the Mëllerdall region on 1 October 2018 as part of the EU’s LEADER funding programme.

At the regional level, the aims of the project are the development of a concept for regional construction and high-grade timber and the drafting of a management plan for the regional supply of energy wood to municipalities in the form of forest and landscape-management wood. In addition, a survey will be conducted on the climate protection behaviour of the population. Information will be collected on key parameters, such as energy and heat consumption of private households.

The aim at the transnational level is to exchange views with the seven partners from Portugal, Sweden and Finland. The insights and know-how gained will then be used to work in a more targeted manner in the main thematic areas of “green economy”, “renewable energies”, “climate change and CO2 reduction” and “forest multifunctionality”. This is done within the framework of joint seminars and excursions in the respective partner countries.

The project complements the LIFE IP project ZENAPA (Zero Emission Nature Protection Areas). Energy-specific issues that are closely-linked to wood as a resource are taken up and addressed in direct cooperation. Both projects pursue the overarching aims of promoting climate protection and the regional economy, while at the same time taking nature conservation aspects into account and even strengthening them.