The date on which the Naturpark Mëllerdall was established is 26 March 2016 (date of publication of the Règlement grand-ducal of 17 March 2016 plus 3 days). Since then, there have been 3 nature parks in Luxembourg – the two nature parks Upper Sûre and Our are located in the north of the country. The Nature Parks Act of 10 August 1993 governs the establishment and administration of nature parks in Luxembourg, inter alia.

  • 1999: first official mention of a Müllerthal nature park in the “blueprint programme” of the National Planning department.
  • 2006, spring: creation of a “Nature Park Müllerthal” working group by RIM asbl. upon a proposal of the Executive Board of LAG LEADER + Müllerthal
  • 2009, autumn: establishment of the “Syndicat Müllerthal“, the inter-municipal special-purpose association with competency for establishing the nature park
  • 2012, spring: presentation of the “Preparatory Study” (“Etude préparatoire”)
  • 2013, March: start of the “detailed study” (“Etude détaillée”)
  • 2014, summer: completion of the Detailed Study
  • 2014, November: presentation of the Detailed study:
    The completed Detailed Study was presented to the public in November 2014 at three information events (Echternach, Müllerthal and Heffingen). The entire document and a summary in French are available here online. Information on the establishment process and the results of the individual working groups can also be found there.
  • 2016, March: establishment of the nature park
  • 2016, June: establishment of the nature park’s supporting structure
  • 2016, June: inaugural ceremony of the nature park