On the trails of Gast Michels – guided hike through the Mullerthal

Consdorf rte d'echternach, Consdorf

Gast Michels, who was born in Echternach and grew up in Consdorf, spent his childhood and youth surrounded by the mystical forest landscapes and rock formations of the Müllerthal. As a young boy, he loved to explore the forests of Consdorf and was enthralled by the surreal shapes of the caves and gorges he discovered […]

FULLY BOOKED: Basket weaving

Hemstal Hemstal

For thousands of years, people have made their own baskets. In this course you will learn from Gabi Jacqué how to weave a basket and you hear everything about the history of basket weaving. 21.+22.1. Hemstal 9:00-16:00 135 € 16 years old and up please bring: secateurs, pocket knife, small hammer, picnic LU GER barrier […]

Grafting fruit trees

Berdorf Berdorf

Copy-paste in the orchard? That is totally possible! In this course, you'll learn how to properly graft a fruit tree from the experts. After the course, you can take three self-grafted trees home with you! From 12 years LU GER Bring: grafting knife (if you have one) 17.2. 19:30-21:30 Berdorf 20 € Please register at: […]

Prehistoric artefacts

Waldbillig Waldbillig

Using some examples from the Mullerthal, you will learn how to correctly recognise and identify prehistoric stone artefacts and how to place them chronologically in human prehistory. You will also learn how to behave correctly when you find an artefact so that it can be properly documented and protected. 18.2. Waldbillig 10:00-17:00 free of charge […]

Pruning fruit trees: old trees

Bech Bech

In order for your fruit trees to stay healthy and continue to produce plenty of good fruit, they have to be pruned regularly. Marc Thiel from SIAS shows you how to do this correctly in this course. 18.2. 13:30-17:00 Bech 5 € LU GER Please register at: maurice.schilling@naturpark-mellerdall.lu or 26 87 82 91-33

Helping insects: insect hotels

Beaufort Beaufort

Some of the insect hotels you buy do not help the wild bees at all. Together we will make nesting aids that are adapted to their needs and you will learn how to improve existing nesting aids. In addition, there will be tips and tricks on what you can do in the garden and on […]

CANCELLED: Handling a chainsaw

Marscherwald Marscherwald

Marc Hermes from CNFPC shows you in this course how to use the chainsaw correctly and, above all, safely. After a theoretical introduction, you can practice using the chainsaw. If you have your own chainsaw, you are welcome to bring it with you. LU GER Bring: your own safety clothing From 18 years 4.3. 8:30-16:30 […]

Dry stone walls in the Natur- & Geopark Mëllerdall: Haupeschbaach

Beaufort Beaufort

From October to June, there are regular guided tours along our dry stone walls in the region. During these tours you will learn all about the history and secrets of this ancient technique. There are also tips on how to maintain such a wall. 12.11.2022 or 11.3.2023 9:00-13:00 5 € Beaufort bring: sturdy shoes, secateurs, […]

Pruning fruit trees: young trees

Schrondweiler Schrondweiler

In order for fruit trees to stay healthy and bear good fruit at some point, they have to be pruned early. Claude Petit from the Natur- & Geopark Mëllerdall will show you how to do this correctly. LU GER 18.3. 9:00-12:00 Schrondweiler 5 € Please register at: maurice.schilling@naturpark-mellerdall.lu or 26 87 82 91-33