Are you planning your holidays in our region?

On the website, you find useful informations regarding accomdations of all kinds (hotels, camping grounds, youthhostels, holiday homes).

You may find the online portal useful.

The web site  provides detailed information on public transport in Luxembourg (timetables, lines etc.).

The regional and local tourist offices will be happy to help you planning your holidays in our region :

Regional Tourist Office Mullerthal Region – Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland

B.P. 152

L-6402 Echternach

Tel.: (+352) 72 04 57


Beaufort Tourist Office87, Grand Rue

L-6310 Beaufort

Tel.: (+352) 83 60 99-301

Office de tourisme de Berdorf3, beim Maartbesch

L-6552 Berdorf

Tel.: (+352) 79 05 45

Office de tourisme de Born-Moersdorf9, rue du Camping

L-6660 Born

Tel.: (+352) 73 01 44

Office de tourisme de Consdorf35, rue Burgkapp

L-6211 Consdorf

Tel.: (+352) 79 02 71

Office de tourisme de Echternach9-10, Parvis de la Basilique

L-6486 Echternach

Tel.: (+352) 72 02 30

Office de tourisme de Heringer Millen1, rue des Moulins

L-6245 Mullerthal

Tel.: (+352) 87 89 88

Office de tourisme de Larochette33, Chemin J.A. Zinnen

L-7626 Larochette

Tel.: (+352) 83 70 30 42

Office de tourisme de RosportRte d’Echternach

L-6580 Rosport

Tel.: (+352) 73 03 36