Regional economy


Provided support to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) *:

  • Assistance with administrative formalities
    • Definition of the business project
    • Business creation
    • Process support with financing, subsidy and funding applications
    • Support with the establishment in a regional industrial zone
    • Process support with the closing, takeover or transfer of a business
  • Performance improvement support
    • Assistance with circular economy projects
    • Assistance with sustainable development projects
    • Guidance with label applications
    • Advice & assistance in conducting intern and extern analysis
    • Assistance with the development of business activities
    • Networking with regional actors (companies, partners)


In addition, conferences and trainings on various topics are regularly organised.

*Please note, that some services are provided through ongoing projects and through collaboration with our key partners.

In order to benefit from an agricultural advice, please contact the department “service d’économie rurale” of the ministry of agriculture.


Support for municipalities:

  • Assistance with the implementation of the future sector plans of industrial zonings (PSZAE)
  • Cooperation with municipalities and the SIAEE regarding implementation demands in regional industrial zones
  • Regular information on important economic subjects for municipalities and companies
  • Common definition of required economic studies for the region
  • Sharing of registers and economic statistics about the region


Support for private citizens and regional players:

  • Organisation of trainings, conferences and workshops on current economic and sustainable development topics
  • Collaboration with regional, national and international players on projects with economic goals


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