Nature protection

Services for private citizens

  • Consultation regarding various nature conservation topics (f.ex. biodiversity, insect hotels, nest boxes)
  • Advice on potential problem issues (such as wasps or bats)
  • Advisory service regarding the optimisation of private properties (flower meadows, structurally rich gardens)
  • Knowledge transfer, seminars & workshops
  • Consultancy on the implementation and financing of nature conservation projects (f.ex. government funding)
  • Networking with other stakeholders and pressure groups

Services for municipalities

  • Consultancy and expert opinions
  • Communication and raising of public awareness
  • Subsidies & financial incentives to implement various conservation measures or community projects
  • Planning and realization of events within a conservation framework
  • Improvement of public spaces
  • Various services for inhabitants of member communes
  • Representation of interests in different national bodies
  • Networking and relaying of expert knowledge

Services for farmers

Nature conservation consultancy for farmers