Organisational structure

The Natur- & Geopark Mëllerdall is managed by a Board (“Comité”). The members of the Board are all 11 representatives of the member municipalities and 8 government representatives of various ministries and administrations.

The Executive Board (“Bureau”) with its 5 members manages the business on behalf of the Board.

Board members:


  • municipality of Beaufort: Mr. Camille Hoffmann, (president)
  • municipality of Bech: Mr. Nico Schmit
  • municipality of Berdorf: Mr. Carlo Bentner
  • municipality of Consdorf: Ms. Edith Jeitz
  • municipality of Echternach: Mr. Ben Scheuer (member of the Executive Board)
  • municipality of Fischbach: Mr. Fränk Daems
  • municipality of Heffingen: Mr. Camille Feltes
  • municipality of Larochette: Mr. Paul Ewen
  • municipality of Nommern: Mr. Franco Campana
  • municipality of Rosport-Mompach: Mr. Romain Osweiler (member of the Executive Board)
  • municipality of Waldbillig: Ms. Andrée Henx-Greischer


  • Nature and Forestry administration: Mr. Jean-Pierre Arend
  • Water Management Office: Mr. Philippe Lutty
  • Ministry of Agriculture: Ms. Françoise Bonert (member of the Executive Board)
  • Ministry of Sustainable Development, National Planning department: Ms. Liette Mathieu, Vice-President (member of the Executive Board)
  • Ministry of Culture: Ms. Danièle Kohn-Stoffels
  • Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment department, Ms. Nora Elvinger
  • Ministry of Home Affairs: Mr. Cyrille Goedert
  • Ministry of Economic Affairs, Tourism directorate: Mr. Luis Soares
Board from left to right: Luis Soares (Ministry of the Economy, General Directorate for Tourism), Françoise Bonert (Ministère de l’Agriculture, de la Viticulture et du Développement rural, member of the executive board), Romain Osweiler (Municipality of Rosport-Mompach, member of the executive board), Danièle Kohn-Stoffels (Ministry of Culture), Paul Ewen (Municipality of Larochette), Carlo Bentner (Municipality of Berdorf), Nicolas Schmit (Municipality of Bech), Frank Daems (Municipality of Fischbach), Edith Jeitz (Municipality of Consdorf), Camille Hoffmann (Municipylity of Beaufort, president), John Mühlen (Municipality of Nommern), Jean-Pierre Arend (Administration of nature and forests), Liette Mathieu (Ministry of Energy and Spatial Planning, Spatial Planning department, member of the executive board), Ben Scheuer (Municipality of Echternach, member of the executive board). Missing: Andrée Henx-Greischer (Municipality of Waldbillig), Camille Feltes (Municipality of Heffingen), Philippe Lutty (Water Administration), Nora Elvinger (Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development, Environment department), Cyrille Goedert (Ministry of Home Affairs)
Executive board from left to right: Françoise Bonert, Liette Mathieu, Ben Scheuer, Camille Hoffmann, Romain Osweiler