Organisational structure

The Natur- & Geopark Mëllerdall is managed by a Board (“Comité”). The members of the Board are all 11 representatives of the member municipalities and 8 government representatives of various ministries and administrations.

The Executive Board (“Bureau”) with its 5 members manages the business on behalf of the Board.

Board members:


  • municipality of Beaufort: Mr. Jean-Luc Nosbusch (member of the Executive Board)
  • municipality of Bech: Ms. Jill Goeres
  • municipality of Berdorf: Mr. Joé Nilles
  • municipality of Consdorf: Mr. Marco Bermes
  • municipality of Echternach: Mr. Ben Scheuer (president)
  • municipality of Fischbach: Mr. Daniel Moura
  • municipality of Heffingen: Mr. Camille Feltes
  • municipality of Larochette: Ms. Ana Teresa Marques Lima
  • municipality of Nommern: Ms. Ariane Toepfer
  • municipality of Reisdorf: Jean-Paul Dimmer
  • municipality of Rosport-Mompach: Mr. Patrick Hierthes (member of the Executive Board)
  • municipality of Waldbillig: Ms. Andrée Henx-Greischer


  • Nature and Forestry administration: Mr. Jean-Pierre Arend
  • Water Management Office: Mr. Ronnie Schmit
  • Ministry of Agriculture: Ms. Françoise Bonert (member of the Executive Board)
  • Ministry of Energy and Spatial Planning, Spatial Planning Department: Ms. Liette Mathieu, Vice-President (member of the Executive Board)
  • Ministry of Culture: Mr. Patrick Dondelinger
  • Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development, Environment department, Ms. Nora Elvinger
  • Ministry of Home Affairs: Ms. Vanessa Sckuvie
  • Ministry of Economic Affairs, Tourism directorate: Mr. Luis Soares
Françoise Bonert, Ben Scheuer, Liette Mathieu, Jean-Luc Nosbusch, Patrick Hierthes
Ariane Toepfer, Jean-Pierre Arend, Ronnie Schmit, Andrée Henx-Greischer, Nora Elvinger, Liette Mathieu, Ben Scheuer, Patrick Dondelinger, Françoise Bonert, Marco Bermes, Luis Soares, Jean-Paul Dimmer, Jean-Luc Nosbusch, Daniel Moura, Patrick Hierthes; es fehlen: Jill Goeres, Joé Nilles, Camille Feltes, Vanessa Sckuvie