Regional Economy Department

Support to SMEs

Economy together with the environmental and social dimensions, is one of the three pillars of sustainability. Merchants, artisans, regional producers, industrial and third sector companies assure the production of goods and services for consumers, job creation and therewith create added value while also increasing the regional quality of life.

Approximately 1000 companies are established in the Natur- & Geopark Mëllerdall. Amongst the most represented sectors are the HORESCA, artisans and merchants, who for a great majority have less than 10 employees. Due to the activity and the size, these companies often have limited resources (human, financial and time) for future projects and the development of their competitivity. In order to support regional companies and to assure the economic and sustainable development of our region, the Natur- & Geopark Mëllerdall developed the « Regional Economy » department. Discover, thanks to our new leaflet, the fields in which regional companies can be assisted!