The layer game

To be able to play the game optimally, please switch to a tablet or computer.

The landscapes of the Mëllerdall region: a story of rocks

How is a valley formed? Stack different layers of rock on top of each other and see what valley shape is formed. Rock layers react differently to water: marl is less resistant than sandstone or dolomite.

In Mëllerdall, sandstone, limestone, dolomite and marl were formed in a sea many millions of years ago. Today, the marine sediments lie on the surface. Rivers slowly dug into the rock layers. This created a landscape with plateaus and wide or narrow valleys.

How to play?

Start by filling the sea with rock layers! To do so, select the type of rock using the green buttons. Each click creates a layer of rock. Stack the layers on top of each other in the desired order. Click on it to learn more about this type of rock.

When the sea is filled, the rain creates a river that digs into the layers. You can see how each rock reacts to the water and which valley shape is created, sometimes flatter, sometimes steeper.

You can start again as often as you like. Just click on the magnifier or on the “New” button. You can then see how the valley shape changes depending on the order of the layers.

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