Living paths

more diversity in your garden

Fumbling every last “weed” out of the gaps in your pavement, year after year, is annoying. There is an alternative though: you could sow in plants you want to have in these gaps! There are plenty that are sturdy enough and nice to look at: for example, there is aromatic thyme that doesn’t mind if you step on it once in a while or little daisy and wild violet that shyly stretch their little heads out of the pavement.

To create these colourful gaps in your pavement, all you have to do is get rid of the plants you don’t want and put in a mix of sand and a little compost. Then you simply sweep in a mix of seeds and sand. For the first year or so, you’ll have to keep clearing out the unwanted plants, but once the sown plants get established, you will have a nice and colourful path, that only needs some TLC once in a while and really is a blast, not only for you, but for many animals as well!

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