Ecole du goût – Taste school for children and adults

We all eat food. At least three times a day. But where exactly does this essential means of survival come from? What does our piled-up plate have to do with the environment, the climate and regional development? And another thing that mustn’t be overlooked is the question of flavour: do we still really taste things?

These are some of the questions addressed by the Ecole du Goût (Taste School) in its work – it organises training courses, raises awareness and encourages the different players involved in the food production chain (producers, restaurant owners, retailers, consumers) to work closely together. Through interactive learning sessions, workshops and other activities, the aims of the Ecole du Goût are to help people to experience food with all their senses, encourage them to enjoy their food and be curious about it, and raise awareness about the need for sustainable eating.

The Our Nature Park first initiated this integrated project in a pilot phase in 2007, but since the middle of 2018 the Ecole du Goût has extended its activities across the communities in the Mëllerdall and Upper Sûre Nature Parks. It is constantly expanding its services and it targets its work at consumers of food in all different age groups – children and teenagers, in school and out of school, as well as adults.